Terms and conditions of use

Terms & Conditions
Cancellation you may cancel your order with us anytime up to 7 days after day of delivery and any payment made will be refunded. The goods must be unused and in the original packaging. Providing these conditions are met we will refund the cost of the received goods.  Please note this payment does not include the original postage charges or the return postage costs. The customer is responsible for the safe return of all goods and must make sure that the items / items are carefully repackaged in the same manner as they were received. Refunds are made via the same method used for the original payment
DESPATCH: We aim to despatch goods within 24hrs of completion of payment process for orders paid by credit/debit card or bank transfer. Orders paid by cheque will not be despatched before clearance of cheque. We will post items via the delivery method selected either courier or our own vans. 

ALL GOODS OVER £50 are delivered via a carrier service, between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday - Friday, and require a signature upon receipt and the following applies: UK Mainland Customers - Delivery is made by carrier, If you cannot arrange for someone to be available to sign for the goods, please let us know immediately for an alternative delivery date or alternative delivery address to be scheduled.
UK Offshore Customers/EU Customers - As above except delivery is between 2 - 7 days depending on destination country. You will be notified of an approximate delivery date. International Customers - As above except once posted it is out of our control. Upon ordering a product for international delivery you are accepting that if for any reason the goods are held up or seized at your countries customs it is your responsibility to try and have them released and any costs incurred or loss is accepted by you. You also need to be aware that our delivery costs do not include any duty or taxes that may be payable in your country.

Delivery charges: These are priced per item based on weight and value; Special rates apply for bulk orders. We reserve the right even after confirming your online order via email to obtain quotes from delivery companies for the cost of delivery of your item and if delivery cost is found to be more than the price previously charged to give you the option to pay the extra to have it delivered or to have a full refund. We will not be obligated to deliver the item at the previously charged price and put us in a loss making situation. Goods are dispatched 24 hours after order or the next working day.

Faulty / Damaged Goods You must take responsibility for checking over the goods and unpacking whilst the delivery driver waits if necessary. In the unlikely event that the goods received are faulty or damaged, you must sign for the goods as damaged. If you sign to say that they are received in good condition we must assume that they were in good condition when delivered or you have confirmed acceptance of the goods in this damaged condition. You must notify us within 24 hours of delivery either by email or telephone or else a damage claim may not be possible. Depending upon the extent of the fault / damage, you may be sent replacement parts if possible or you will be asked to return the goods in their original packaging (where possible) to our address. In the event you are asked to return the goods, you will be offered a replacement, providing there is no evidence of misuse. Damaged items must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

Automotive batteries 

As a producer of automotive batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, we Aria Commercials Limited are obliged to collect, free of charge and within a reasonable time, waste automotive batteries (12V 5Ah , Lead Acid) for treatment and recycling from final holders. We are required to do this in any calendar year we place new automotive batteries on the market. 

If you require us to take back any automotive batteries, please contact us at ( 07470 137479 , service@ariacommercials.co.uk , 671 Eccles New Road, Manchester M50 1AY. We will agree the necessary arrangements for the collection, proper treatment and recycling of the waste automotive batteries.  

WARRANTY For buyers who wish for the item to be returned to them, the postage and packing fee will be required to be paid when the item is returned. Please contact us for a Returns Number before returning any item. When we accept the return of a product for repair, we will where possible use our own labour force to make the repair. However if we need parts from the manufacturer we will order them. Due to the process and logistics involved, it may take up to 6 weeks for a product to be received. Parts arrive from the  relevant manufacturer for repair and then finally sent back to the customer, however the average time is 1 week. Servicing & Maintenance In order not to invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, all vehicles purchased must be regularly maintained in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular servicing as outlined in the manufacturers handbook (supplied) must be undertaken, service can be carried out by a suitably qualified person and an original invoice of any work carried out MUST be retained. In the event of ANY warranty claim, all of these original documents must be available for inspection in order for the claim process to begin.

THE WARRANTY: All warranties offered will be our return to base (RTB) warranty. That is, the customer is responsible for returning the product to our warehouse and collecting the product once it has been repaired. This warranty provides labour if required and new parts free, if the product breaks down due to faulty manufacture or in normal use; we will replace all parts for free. If you require us to mail you replacement parts for DIY fitment that can be arranged however we will not pay for labour by a third party and faulty items will need to be received by us before replacement parts can be sent.
We offer 14 days warranty on all our products and accessories . All on/off road products and vehicles sold by us are supplied with a 14 day free parts guarantee, this means that if any normal part becomes defective within the 14 days of purchase we will replace the defective part/ parts with new ones for free. You will also be required to return the defective part / parts before we can post out any new parts. The Warranty Does not cover missuse, stunt riding, none servicing and bad Repair or Alterations.  Within this period we will replace any non wearable part if it is proven to have a manufacturing fault. Should the part fail due to neglect, abuse, accident, corrosion, lack of regular maintenance or modifications not approved by us, then all parts of the warranty will be VOID.   Errors and Emissions Excluded. This does not cover:-Inappropriate use, incorrect operation or a fault created through incorrect fitting- (e.g. The warranty does not cover impact damage, hazardous liquid damage, exposure to extreme heat/cold or other damage caused by acts of God or incorrect fitment)  or Vandalism- Damage caused by others. Glass & Paint - Any item that contains glass or is painted will be covered but the glass and paint itself cannot be covered under warranty as this is considered Fragile and could be broken, damaged or scratched in numerous ways. Should you remove or require us to remove any item once fitted we will not be held responsible to 'make good' any holes or modifications that were required during the fitting process. As with all products we offer a 14 day parts only warranty. This does not cover Engines seizers and punctures as this could easily be caused by insufficient 2 stroke oil or the terrain the vehicles have been travelling on. Also please note that once the machines have been started and used they cannot be returned for a refund. But we will help with replacement parts wherever possible.  Please only purchase one of our products if you understand our warrantee and Guarantee procedure. Due to the nature of use of these machines it would be impossible to warranty beyond the 14 days stated.
BEFORE USE, All nuts / bolts, tyres and steering, chain tension, oil mixture, brakes, carburetter, fuel pipes, fuel filters, pull start, spark plug, wiring and all serviceable parts should be checked by a competent adult before every use. It is recomended that a qualified mechanic should assemble and check over all aspects of the product before allowing any persons to use the bike, quad or mini moto off road. Accident damage should be attended to immediately and damaged parts replaced immediately. Helmets and suitable protective equipment should be used at all times and always use our products under strict adult supervision. The purchaser is responsible for all returned items (RTB). All returned postage costs are to be paid by the customer, and under no circumstances will the returned postage be paid for us. 
Legal Declaration and Disclaimer.

Mini Motos, dirt bikes and quads are not ROAD LEGAL and should under no circumstances be used on the public roads. The purchaser is solely responsible for the use of the item and must strictly adhere to all laws that are in force. Do not use on wet, oily or icy surfaces. Our products are designed for both adults and children from 14 years upwards, but children should be supervised at all time when riding the bike by a responsible adult.

Purchaser accepts FULL responsibility & releases us of ANY and ALL PERSONAL INJURIES, FATAL INJURIES, ANY LOSSES , COSTS, OR DAMAGES incurred as a result of the Purchaser's operation of this item. The purchaser is solely responsible for the maintenance and safety of the product. The purchaser is solely responsible for understanding and abiding by all governmental / police laws for operation of this product purchased.

PICTURES AND IMAGES Pictures and images throughout this site are used for illustration purposes only, from time to time product packaging may vary slightly.

Privacy Notice 

 ( Updated 25th May 2018 ) 


We are Aria Commercials Limited. This privacy notice is to let you know how we promise to look after your personal data. This notice explains how we do this and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you. 

Aria Commercials Limited is Registered in England and Wales , No. 09094629. Registered Office: 671 Eccles New Road , Manchester England M50 1AY , VAT No. GB249759644. 


What personal information do we collect? 


  • What we learn about you from letters, email, and conversations between us. 

Documentary data 

  • Details about you that are stored in documents in different formats, or copies of them, for example Sales Invoices. 

Special types of data 

The law and other regulations treat some types of personal data as special. We do not request from you or collect these types of data.  


  • Any permissions, consents or preferences that you give us. 

What types of personal data do we use? 

We use personal data, and group them together like this. 

Data we collect : 

  • Payment and transaction data 

  • When you purchase our products and services 

  • When you apply for a refund 

  • When you talk to us on the phone or online 

  • When you use our website 

  • In emails and letters and texts 

  • If you take part in our competitions or promotions 

  • Information you provide to us by filling in forms on our site 

Data from third parties we work with: 

  • Online Marketplaces ( for example Ebay ) 

  • Card associations and online payment services ( for example Paypal ) 

  • Social networks 

  • Fraud prevention agencies 

  • Government and law enforcement agencies 

Who do we share your data with? 

We may share your personal data with these organisations: 

  • Regulators and other competent authorities 

  • Fraud prevention agencies 

How do we use your data? 

Data Protection law says that we can use personal data only if we have a proper reason to do so. The law says we must have one or more of these reasons: 

  • To fulfil a contract we have with you 

  • When it's our legal duty 

  • When it's in our legitimate interest 

  • When you consent to it 

Below is a list of all the ways that we may use your personal data, and which of the reasons we rely on to do so. Our legitimate interests are also below. 

Serving our customers 

What we use your personal data for: 

  • To deliver our products and services 

  • To manage our relationship with you or your business 

  • To develop new ways to meet our customers’ needs and to grow our business 

  • To study how our customers use our products and services 

Our reasons: 

  • Your consent 

  • Fulfilling contracts 

  • Our legitimate interests 

  • Our legal duty 

Our legitimate interests: 

  • Keeping our records up to date 

  • Developing products and services, and what we charge for them 

  • Seeking your consent when we need it to contact you 

  • Being efficient about how we fulfil our legal and contractual duties 

Reducing crime and operating in a safe and lawful manner 

What we use your personal data for: 

  • To detect, investigate, report, and seek to prevent fraud 

  • To manage risk for us and our customers 

  • To obey laws and regulations that apply to us 

  • To respond to complaints and seek to resolve them 

Our reasons: 

  • Fulfilling contracts 

  • Our legitimate interests 

  • Our legal duty 

Our legitimate interests: 

  • Developing and improving how we deal with fraud, as well as doing our legal duties in this respect 

  • Complying with regulations that apply to us 

  • Being efficient about how we fulfil our legal and contractual duties 

Operating our business effectively 

What we use your personal data for: 

  • To run our business in an efficient and proper way. This includes managing our business capability, financial position, communications, corporate governance, planning, and audit. 

Our reasons: 

  • Our legitimate interests 

  • Our legal duty 

Our legitimate interests: 

  • Complying with regulations that apply to us 

  • Being efficient about how we fulfil our legal and contractual duties 

What happens if you choose not to give us your personal data? 

We may need to collect personal data by law. 

If you choose not to give us this personal data, it may delay or prevent us providing our products or services to you.  

How will we treat children’s privacy? 

If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child ( under 13 ) has provided us with personal data, please contact us using one of the methods in the how to contact us section so that we will be able to take the necessary actions. 

How long will we keep your personal data? 

What data: 

  • Personal data including transaction history and complaints 

For how long: 

  • Up to Six Years after last contact 

Our reasons: 

  • Keeping our records up to date, working out which of our products and services may interest you and telling you about them 

  • To respond to any questions, claims or complaints 

  • Complying with regulations that apply to us 

  • Being efficient about how we fulfil our legal and contractual duties 

Do you want us to share what personal data we have about you, with you? 

If you want us to share what information we have about you, please let us know. See the how to contact us section below for all the different ways you can get in touch. Sometimes you may be asked to provide proof of identity before we show you your personal data this helps us prevent unauthorised access. 

Is the personal data we have about you incorrect? 

You have the right to question any information we have about you that you think is wrong or incomplete. Please contact us using one of the methods in the how to contact us section or you can update details via your online account. If you do, we will take reasonable steps to check its accuracy and correct it. 

Do you want us to stop using your personal data? 

You have the right to object to certain ways that we use your personal data, or to ask us to delete, remove, or stop using your personal data if there is no need for us to keep it. This is known as the ‘right to object’ and ‘right to erasure’, or the ‘right to be forgotten’. In some cases, there will be legitimate, legal, or other official reasons for us to keep your data. But please tell us if you think that we should not be using it.It may be possible for us to restrict the use of your data. This means that it would only be used for certain activities, such as legal claims or to exercise legal rights 


You can ask us to restrict the use of your personal data if: 

  • It is not accurate 

  • It has been used unlawfully but you don’t want us to delete it 

  • It’s not relevant any more, but you want us to keep it for use in legal claims 

  • You have already asked us to stop using your data but you are waiting for us to tell you if we can keep on using it 


If you want to object to how we use your data, ask us to delete it or restrict how we use it, please contact us using one of the methods in the how to contact us section. 


How to contact us 

If you have any questions or want more details about how we use your personal data, please let us know. We’ve provided a few different ways for you to do this, so please pick the one you would prefer to use: 

Email: service@ariacommercials.co.uk  

Telephone: Customer Resolutions: 07470 137479 

Address: Customer Resolutions, Aria Commercials Limited, 571 Eccles New Road, Manchester M50 1AY. 

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can use the relevant section of the Information Commissioner's Office website to do this. 



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Privacy Policy

AriaBikes.com is the website of Aria Commercials Limited, a company registered in England.

Aria Commercials Limited complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to all processing of data supplied to us by users and other personal data in our possession for any reason.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd party.

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